1.1 Values

Country/Region/Continent/Idiom Value
Brazil R$ 350.00
Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and lusophone countries US$ 200.00
Others US$ 300.00

1.2 Subscription (CLOSED)

Statement of accept

  • Vacancies are limited.
  • Participation in the conference will be confirmed only after payment of the registration fee.
  • Failure to pay within ten days of completing this form will result in the cancellation of registration
  • The figures collected by the organization of the 7th International Conference on Forest Fires (Wildfire 2019) will not be returned. Subscribers who, after payment, fail to attend the conference may assign their entries to other participants from the same country of origin.
  • Changes to the schedule will be reported by the conference website.
  • During the accreditation, it will be mandatory to present a photo document.

I authorize the sharing of information on the registration form with partner institutions of the event for promotional purposes. (optional)

Subscription (CLOSED)

Please note: if you have submitted an abstract, use the same email to register.